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  1. Fun & Positivity
  2. Patience & Empathy
  3. Dedication & Collaboration
  4. Individuality
  5. SUCCESS -Every Child Can be a Reader

Our activities

Direct support for children who are learning to read.
  • Hands-on fun activities
  • Engaging resources
  • Games
  • Designed for success


“Heard about Mrs Busby from my wife and kids but great to see her in action. What a fantastic member of the team she is. A real asset to the school!”

Mr M, SW London

“I just can’t say thank you enough for being a brilliant tutor to my son. He talks of you all the time. Keep up the good job!”

Mrs E, SW London

“Thank you so much for all the work you have done with my son. He has come a long way since working with you and I am very grateful!”

Miss A, SW London

“I am so grateful for the support you have given my grandson. The progress he has made would not have happened without you. He now reads with confidence and is so proud of himself and his achievements. I cannot thank you enough”

Ms P, SW London

“Rachel has driven the improvement in children’s reading in our school. She understands how children learn to read and has embedded successful systems across our school, built around her excellent modelled practice. While producing excellent results, she never forgets that children are children and she is always caring and nurturing. Rachel is a person I would be thrilled to have working with my own children.”

AW, Head of School

“Our children’s reading has improved dramatically and our phonics results are consistently phenomenal (97% of all children in Year 1 passed the screening test in 2017).  This has been down to Rachel’s determination and hard work in training staff, ensuring that they are using the right approach and resources to support and extend the children’s learning as well as her direct work with individual children.  Rachel’s expertise was also recognised by the Local Authority who used her to demonstrate high quality phonics teaching to staff from other schools in the borough.  Rachel’s passion for ensuring that every child can read is clearly evident and her constant drive to ensure the very best for each child is admirable.”

CG, Head Teacher

“I have learnt so much from Rachel.  Her knowledge and understanding of how children learn to read and apply their phonics is exemplary.  Her thorough and fastidious systems result in all of the children working to an individualised and personal programme, ensuring all needs are met and children are continually challenged and experience success. Her staff training and vision for teaching reading has been contagious; we all now feel competent, confident and knowledgeable in supporting our children in learning to read.”

LM, SenCo and Deputy Head

“Rachel was really helpful in providing advice as to our daughter’s reading and phonics level. It gave us the confidence that she was making good progress in class and provided us with the areas to focus on going forwards.”

Mr & Mrs T, Nottingham

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