Our Programmes have to be bespoke because EVERY child is different and we design our teaching around your child.


It is vital that any child who is beginning to fall behind their peers is identified straight away and provided with additional support. If you are concerned that your child is not receiving this support we can help.

Our programme supports children on their reading journey by thoroughly assessing where they are and identifying gaps. We then work to plug those gaps, whilst all the time building confidence and self-esteem. All children can and will learn to read and we develop all the skills necessary to make this happen. We provide quality resources for you to use at home between sessions and choose books for children to read based on their secure phonics knowledge. We strongly believe in the benefit of repeated practise. The goal is to develop fluent, independent reading so that ultimately your child can read to learn and experience true success.


This programme is for children who are getting ready to start school. We carry out a basic assessment and design a bespoke course of six 30 minute sessions introducing the basics of early reading and writing. We provide carefully chosen, appropriate resources allowing you to practice fun activities at home enabling your child to shine at school.

Please contact us for detail of our bespoke sessions.

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